Saving costs – How a virtual office helps

Rents of up to 50 euros per square meter are incurred for a fixed office space in a renowned prime location, such as Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm. In the start-up phase, however, such costs are almost never feasible due to a limited budget. In addition, high monthly fixed costs due to office rents represent considerable – and above all avoidable – economic risks. Quite a few start-ups have already failed because of this. It is therefore important to keep fixed costs low after the company has been founded: Financial risk minimization and flexibility should have top priority.

It is often not efficient for start-ups to rent a permanent office space. After all, at the beginning it is not yet possible to estimate exactly how the company will develop economically. However, the home office alone, even if it seems to be the most cost-efficient option at first glance, is not a real alternative.

After all, many people are still critical of the home office – a business address in a housing estate makes you look small and uncompetitive. For founders, therefore, the home office plus virtual office can become a decisive competitive advantage.

A virtual office cyprus.

Because with a cost-effective virtual office, you don’t rent a physical office in an office center, but rather a prestigious business address. This means you can be represented at one of Germany’s most prestigious top addresses, such as the Brandenburg Gate, or the Upper West on Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm, but pay only a small fraction of the top rents usually charged there. The modern office solution „Virtual Office“ therefore helps you to achieve maximum financial flexibility: compared to renting a permanent office space, you can even save up to 50 percent of the costs in the best case. Because:

You pay no brokerage fee.

You avoid high investment costs for the entire office equipment (e.g. office furniture, technical office equipment).
You do not commit yourself to long contract terms and monthly fixed costs – because you rent a virtual office flexibly according to your needs.

Don’t waste time after setting up your company

Time is money, as we all know. However, searching for the right office space can cost you a lot of time and also nerves. Especially for company founders, this is anything but ideal. After all, the time you lose here could be invested much more effectively in your business idea and the development of your start-up. Because the faster your company develops, the faster the first business successes will come.

A virtual office from Hugge Consult in cyprus can be the optimal solution for you to be ready to start in the market within the shortest possible time. Our office centers are located in the central top locations of the internationally renowned business centers Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, and in the future also Hamburg and Düsseldorf. All of our locations also have numerous locational advantages. This means that we have already done most of the time-consuming location analysis for you – all you have to do is decide which of the cities is strategically the smartest choice for your business.

What’s more, you can book a virtual office immediately on demand. This means you don’t waste time with long pre-planning or office search, but can effectively start your business immediately – just a few hours after you have requested your virtual office, or your new, exclusive business address, in one of our office centers.

Benefit from office services as a company founder with the virtual office

In addition to the virtual office, Hugge Consult offers you high-quality office services such as

– professional secretarial and concierge services,

– telephone service,

– or postal services.

You can flexibly add these to your virtual office as needed – you only pay when you actually use our office services. This way, you can also keep the costs for permanent employees as low as possible, because whenever you need it, our employees take over your entire office communication. This results in two additional important advantages for you as a company founder:

You save valuable time by outsourcing your time-consuming administrative tasks to our secretarial staff. You can then invest this time effectively in your core business – and in growing your business sustainably. You can also save time with our online configurator for virtual offices: Simply put together the office you want and keep an eye on the costs!

You are permanently available and thus demonstrate professionalism. With a virtual office and our additional office services, you are available to your customers and business partners around the clock – even when you are not on site yourself. Our secretarial staff, who coordinate your calls for you, also make your company appear much larger and more professional – because what start-up already has its own secretarial office?